Sunday, December 26, 2021

From the Sketchbook - Sheep painting

 More from my mixed media sketchbook!  This is an acrylic painting of one of my pet Katahdin sheep named Muffin.  I've done a couple other paintings of her in the past, my first one almost ten years ago!  Muffin is a special sheep and will be turning 14 years old next year.

sheep katahdin ewe farm animal pet portrait study sketch acrylic painting

For the background I applied a watercolor wash of a lighter teal then painted the pattern over top in acrylics using a stencil.

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Random Project of the Week - Fun blue heron painting

 The idea for this sort of pop art style acrylic painting came to me back in August.  I was asked to create a piece of art that would go with a blue and gray room with shabby chic decor.  I chose a blue and gray bird (of course!) that is native to the area - a Great Blue Heron - and I used large, loose brush strokes throughout the piece.  I think the hint of orange on the heron complements the blue so well.

Below are the marker thumbnail sketches I drew a few months ago.