Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Daily Art Challenge - February: Chickadees!

Yep, I was still creating art (almost) daily during the whole month of February, but I'm afraid that's it for now. Although this challenge made me create more, the quality of my art is reduced when I am pressured to finish a piece by the end of the day. At first I had a lot of fun painting in a looser style and taking very little time to finish a piece, but I started to lose interest after a while. I now feel like I should go back to working on more detailed pieces that I can show and sell. They take a lot more time and patience to create, but the end result gives me a lot more satisfaction than a painterly portrait on a cheap canvas does. I always need to change things up to keep myself interested. It's just the way I am...

Anyway, as you might have noticed, chickadees were on my mind last month; they are the main birds that are coming to my feeders nowadays. First I painted a chickadee in a painterly style, then I painted a silly cartoon of a chickadee wearing pink glasses and sneakers (Why? Just because!), then I hand-sewed a plush chickadee.

Other random artwork I created include a craft foam mosaic, some abstract marker art, a clay ladybug, and a tribute to some band you may know. ;)