Wednesday, June 1, 2016

New medium

In a recent search for an air-dry clay I discovered a modeling compound called Apoxie Sculpt. I decided to give it a try, and I have to say it is fantastic stuff! I have worked with oven-bake polymer clay for a long time and Apoxie Sculpt feels similar, so using it came pretty naturally to me, but there is a pretty big difference between the two. Obviously, oven-bake polymer clay has to be baked to become hard, and even after baking it can break easily. Apoxie Sculpt is a two-part compound that becomes rock hard (!!) in about three hours after being mixed.

Here is the rather ambitious project I originally bought Apoxie Sculpt for. It is a Bald Eagle puppet with moving eyes, mouth, and head. I call him Barrett (a.k.a. Brainy Bird). The Apoxie Sculpt was used for his beak and talons. I should have a video of him in action up here soon.

My latest Apoxie Sculpt project is a Great Dane model that doubles as a business card holder (he can hold cards in his mouth).