Friday, August 5, 2016

FINALLY finished! Well, maybe...

If you've been following my blog, you might have noticed that it has taken me at least a year to finish these two paintings on the right. Why? They were very difficult pieces! The painting of the goat (my Nubian named Trot) is the largest painting on canvas I've ever done at 22" x 28". I haven't even varnished it yet because there are still some things that bother me about it that I would like to day. The painting of the goose involved a lot of confusing reflections and water (I had not painted water in a long time!). I did not spend the whole year working on these, though; I hid them from myself for a while then got them back out and worked on them a little then stored them away again then got them back out and worked on them some more. I hope that never happens again!

Below is another painting of my Boston Terrier, Sissy, I painted back in November. I chose a subject and composition that wouldn't take very long to paint and this was the result after only two days (probably only six hours or so). This is probably the last portrait I will ever do of my favorite little Boston as she sadly passed away last month.